Friday, August 31, 2007

Bruce Almighty - When A Man Became God

Bruce Almighty is one of my favorite movies, not only because of the comedy flavor in the movie but also because of the sentiments it has in it. The story is simple, a man, Bruce ( Jim Carrey), who has never got any luck and has never got what he deserves, keeps complaining about the God that He is not doing his job well. So, the God (Morgan Freeman ) decides to give him all his powers and let him do His job! How Bruce does this and what becomes of him is the story.

Bruce, who has been complaining about God, does not do anything for the people. He uses the power to enrich his life by getting the job he thinks he deserves by forcing his competitor to be sacked, enjoying the love life with his girl friend, taking revenge of those who had once hit him, etc. But he forgets one thing, all this time, he has been very selfish and he never thinks about what his lover, Grace ( Jennifer Aniston) really wants. He just neglects her wishes and feelings, thinking only about him.

Eventually, he loses Grace. Sudden feeling of emptiness occupies him. He realizes his mistakes, but it is too late. Finally, he uses his power to get to know what she prays and is shocked to see that all her prayers are for his good. He has never cared about her, never took any steps to know what she really wants. He realizes how selfish he had been. Not able to repent to the fullest for his mistakes, he wants to give up his responsibility. And yet in the climax, with so much of emotions, he joins his lover as a real lover and the movie ends with a happy ending.

This is another *what if* movie by Jim Carrey, another one being *Liar Liar*. But this movie has more sentiments and emotions. The second half of the movie is devoted to sentiments where as the first part is full of comedy. I could not help myself from getting goose bumps every time I see this movie, when Bruce sees Grace's prayers. Click here to watch the trailer and click here to see my favorite dialog of this movie. A movie which is definitely worth watching. Watch this movie and share your comments.