Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mission: Michelle Pfeiffer

It has been long since I have written about a movie. It does not mean that I haven't seen movies nor does it mean I haven't loved any movie in this time spam. In fact, I have seen some good number of movies. But this blog is not about any one of the movie I had seen. This is about my new mission which I have named: Mission - Michelle Pfeiffer.

It all started on One Fine Day. I am not only meaning that literally :). I have become a fan of one of the greatest actresses ever, IMHO, Michelle Pfeiffer. I am not sure how many of you even heard of her name or how many of you at least know that such an actress exist. But, she is great, beautiful, charming, fabulous, fantabulous, etc. and quite talented.

'One Fine Day' is the first Michelle Pfeiffer (and George Clooney) movie I saw. I liked it soooo much that I had seen several times and became fan of her (and George Clooney). Then because of my close friend's suggestion I saw *I am Sam*, one of the most sentimental movies. Surprisingly, MP was the leading actress in that movie. Then *I could never be your woman*. I liked all the movies and her acting in all these movies was excellent.

Then, I decided that I have to watch all her movies. I have to admit that, I like Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Meg Ryan, Marisa Tomie, Ratchel McAdams, Amy Adams, etc. But I didn't get the idea of covering all the movies of a particular actress. I don't know why I came up with a mission only for MP (MP is NOT a sex bomb:)... FYI for those who might have thought of this possibility).

I now have almost all of her movies except some 5 movies, which I am planning to buy as DVD. I am watching one by one of her movies. Till now I have covered in the order from 'I could never be your woman': The Fabulous Baker Boys, Into The Night, The Story of Us, The Deep End Of Ocean, Grease 2, Frankie and Johnny, White Oleander, and Dangerous Minds. Among these, I am Sam, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Story of Us, The Deep End Of Ocean, White Oleander, and Dangerous Minds deserves a blog about them (and they are in the making :)).

Some interesting facts: MP always look ten years younger than her actual age. In *I Could Never Be Your Woman*, she acts as a 40 year old woman when she was in real 50 years old. In *I Could Never Be Your Woman*, *Into The Night*, and *Frankie and Johnny* she explicitly says 'I am not as young as I look'. In *One Fine Day*, and *White Oleander* other characters say 'She is the most beautiful woman'. In *Frankie and Johnny* and *Dangerous Minds* MP's character was beaten by her boy friend\husband when she was pregnant and had to abort the child.

That is all I will say now. I will update you guys once I finish all her movies. If you get a chance, watch the movies I have referred. Good Luck!

[PS: When I told about this mission to my father and my sister and to one of my friends, they said sarcastically "Wow... what a noble mission?" :). I believe that is what you guys also think :P.]