Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hitch - In my opinion, a must Watch!

Hitch is the first Will Smith movie I saw. Both the movie and Will Smith left their impression in my mind for some time. It has been a pleasure watching the movie even for the 5th time, but the 6th time, some of the comedies made me to grin instead of laughing. But I can say that this is a pretty decent Romantic Comedy genre movie.

This is a movie about a guy, Hitch (Will Smith), who is a 'Date Doctor', who helps in people to get opportunities to get introduced to their love and help them to succeed in their love (but not exactly like a mama*, you think). He is a good guy (obviously, as he is the hero), and helps only people who are really loving others, not for those who are... nasty, you can say.

Hitch finds a girl, Sarah (Eva Mendes) in a bar, and falls almost in love at the first sight. Sarah is very much realistic, at least that is how she shows herself to the world and is very much pissed off about love and mythical good-guys. Hitch starts to use his own techniques to get acquainted with her and almost tastes success.

The real story plays around a very innocent Albert who falls in love with a celebrity Allegra and is helped by Hitch. In the meanwhile Sarah discovers partly what Hitch does for living and she misunderstands his job (she interprets him as a double MA*). She uses her powers to break Albert Allegra love and also she breaks her own love. How our hero sticks both of the broken loves is the climax.

This movie has a lot of comedies that will make anyone (at least me) to laugh whenever seen. A very serious subject, how hard it is to fall in love and how much love is lovable, is presented in a very hilarious way. I would say that this movie is a must watch in my opinion. But I believe, this movie has been completely spoiled by being taken as *The Partner* in Indian movie market. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see one of my favourite dialogues.