Monday, October 20, 2008

One Fine Day - You will watch this movie!

One fine day is a movie which is driven completely by the chemistry between George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is a movie with a single line story but with a strong storyline as to keep everyone with a pleasant mood till the end. Also, this is a very different movie as the whole movie takes place in One Fine Day, within a spam of 24 hours. Other movies which I know of which take place in a short spam are Cellular, PhoneBooth and 16th Block, all being action and thrilling movies.

Jack Taylor is a reporter who isn't used to do everything on his own and Melanie Parker is an architect who does everything on her own, happen to meet one fine day. Because of the habit of Jack, both Jack's daughter Maggie and Melanie's son Sammy miss their field trip. The first impression being so bad and with her previous experiences, Melanie snubs and insults Jack. AS though this is not enough, Sammy and Maggie has certain amount of dislike for each other.

Having set such a relationship, situations make them to meet very often and forces them to help each other. Jack, falls for Melanie on the first sight though irrespective of her attitude towards him, but Melanie keeps the attitude and holds a sting in my tongue whenever she talks to him. Out of a desparate situation, she asks for help to Jack, which he does perfectly.

Melanie also starts to like him later seeing him caring his daughter so much and being funny and charming. Thank God again to those situations which perfectly give both of them chances to express themselves and the movie ends with a cute romantic and egoistic fight between the beautiful couples.

This is definitely a feel good, pleasant movie which will easily suite those who love romantic comedy genre, at least it suited me very much and I have already seen this more than five times. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see one of favourite dialogues.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Anger Management - Laughter Management

I like comedy movies no matter how it makes me laugh and how much it makes me laugh. Due to my friend's recommendation I saw this movie, Anger Management. I can't say that you have to watch it at any cost, but what I can say is, this is an okay movie you can hang out for at least one time. My second Adam Sandler movie, so I can't compare where does this stand amongst his movies.

David (Adam Sandler) thinks low of himself and he angers himself for the society treating him like a bloody crap. He feels too lowly even to demand the rightful promotion from him boss. He does all the work the boss has to do for years without even asking for his well deserved promotion. He just happens to get messed up in a flight and thus he is put in a twenty hours of Anger Management course by Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), and then his life is completely changed.

Buddy has a definite vengence on Dave and he treats him badly and makes him to have more and more Anger Management classes. He then becomes him 24\7 anger guardian and tortures in every possible way. Buddy then comes to know David's beautiful girl friend Linda (Marisa Tomei) and he then flirts with her. Buddy even makes sure that Dave breaks up with his girl friend.

But David is in such a situation that, if he disobeys Buddy, he will have to spend an year in jail. He obeys every one of his orders. Finally ending up in fighting with his school days enemies, embarrassed by a hooker, threatening his boss for promotion and at last losing his girl friend to that same bloody Buddy.

What Dave does in those situations and whether he gets his girlfriend back or not, is the climax. I have to admit that climax sucked my big time. Why didn't they come up with a better (at least an okay) climax? But this movie gave me some good laughs, especially when Jack Nicholson tries(?) to unfluster Adam Sandlre in the bridge, was too good for me. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see my favourite dialogue. Your comments are most welcome.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pride and Prejudice: Beautiful and Brilliant

Pride and Prejudice (2005) is one of the most wonderful novels I have ever read. My first classical novel also. Since this is the movie which is after that novel, I watched the movie with huge prejudice that it would be too good. And the movie didn't fail my expectations, in most of the ways. If you have read the novel, you could enjoy more when watching the movie. But I am not sure, how much anyone would like if they had not read the novel.

Well the name tells the story. It is the relationship between a proud man and prejudiced woman. Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) is a beautiful woman who gets prejudiced that Mr. Darcy is a very proud man. Though Mr. Darcy is not a proud man, initial circumstances lead Elizabeth to a strong prejudice that Mr. Darcy is arrogent, selfish, proud man.

But, Mr. Darcy, fighting against his better judgment, falls in love with Elizabeth, who considers that, Mr. Darcy is the last person in the entire world she would ever marry. Even though having such a strong prejudice, Elizabeth is made to believe that Mr. Darcy is not a proud, selfish or arrogant man by direct and indirect means. How Elizabeth could come out of such a strong prejudice and how they get along well is the rest of the story\movie.

I couldn't say much on this movie as the novel is quite complex with so many characters. Of course, the movie could not cover all the beautiful scenes of the novel, but IMO it is a very good adaptation of the novel. Keira Knightley is so beautiful, cute, pretty, etc. that she is the prefect fit for the character. She was also nominated for Oscar for this movie.

Most beautiful scenes of the novel are, Mr. Darcy's dance with Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy's first proposal (too good), Elizabeth happened to meet Mr. Darcy at his own house even after rejecting him, Elizabeth and Darcy's small stroll after they both understand each other, Darcy's explanation of the two offenses Elizabeth puts forward, Darcy's explanation of how he started to like Elizabeth.

I would strongly recommend anyone to read the original novel and also to watch the movie. A pure classical romantic novell and a pure classical romantic movie. Click here to see my favourite dialogue of this movie and here to watch the trailer. Your comments about the book and the movie are most welcome.