Friday, August 22, 2008

My Sassy Girl - A lovely Girl

The first ever Korean movie I had seen in my life is "My Sassy Girl" and all I can say is, I loved this movie. Had it not been so much recommended by my friend, I would not have seen this lovely, beautiful movie. What? A Korean Movie? You have to watch only with subtitles and it will be boring, is what I thought first. But this movie proved it wrong.

This movie is about a helpless student, so he calls himself like that, Kyun-woo who has never fallen in love. Accidentally he meets and saves a living doll, (yes, I can call her like that... a living doll...), who is portrayed till the end as 'the girl' and things happen so as to keep them together for sometime. He sees the melancholy inside her and wants to heal her from her sorrows.

Instantly, they become good friends. Most of the movie goes as the hero gets hit by either 'the girl' or by someone else. At some point, they both realize that they are not just friends but greater than friends. But 'the girl' comes to conclusion that they have to be separated. Separated for two years. She asks him to write what he thinks about her and she also writes what she thinks about him. They put both the letters in box and bury it under a tree, under a contract that after 2 years, they will come together and read it.

And you know what? This movie is a real story of a guy. The guy wrote this on internet in that 2 years cooling time and it became this movie, "My Sassy Girl". Why did 'the sassy girl' ask him to be separated though she liked him very much? Why does she have a bad temperament? Why does she drink like hell? What happens after 2 years? Everything is explained in the last 20 minutes of the movie.

Well, I can say, that this movie could have been made as a one hour forty five minutes movie, reducing the length by thirty minutes. Some people may feel like it is too big or too much stretched. But the climax would make you forget everything and will make you even cry if you have that vulnerability. Almost all the scenes that are for comedy has embedded meaning portraying or explaining the girls sorrow and temperament. You can watch the last one hour for any number of times.

Click here to watch the trailer and here to see my favorite dialogues. This movie made me to write a small poem when I first saw it (or a piece of crap) and it is: "It is not tears that come from her eyes... it is the purest form of love". This crap, sorry, poem also suits for the climax of You Got Mail, my most favorite movie ever. I almost felt the same touch as YouGotMail from this movie. Watch it and share your comments.