Saturday, May 31, 2008

She's The Man - Unbelievable yet Funny

She's the man is an incident driven movie more than a story driven movie. Viola (Amanda Bynes) has a great passion about soccer and she plays well too. But her school coach does not admit girls to play in the soccer team, who else will? She wants to prove that she is a better player and hence decides to join the rival school's soccer team, to take revenge, under her brother's name (Sebastin) as a boy; as her brother goes to London for two weeks. Two weeks are enough for her as the rival match is going to take place in two weeks.

What happens to her in the two weeks in the boys hostel is the movie. You know what are all the kind of comedy to expect from this movie and they are all present in somewhat fair way. The fun comes when she loves her roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum) and her roommate loves his class mate, Olivia (Laura Ramsey) and that classmate loves Sebastin\Viola, thinking that She Is The Man of her dreams. (By the way, Laura Ramsey is the most beautiful aspect of the movie.)

As Viola (as Sebastin) does not give a damn about Livia, Livia's friend advices her to make Sebastin\Viola Jealous. So, Livia flirts with Duke to make Sebastin jealous, but Viola really is jealous as she has already fallen in love with Duke. Incidences around these three people and how Viola manages to get a good name in the soccer team and how she proves herself as a better soccer layer and a better girl for Duke is the movie. Not to mention, the movie ends with a happy romantic ending.

But, I have to admit that, some aspects of the movie is too bad. Acting as one example, when Viola enters in to the school, every boy dashing her accidentally is just too weird. Also, most of the time, she talks in female voice and no one raises question about that. Some of the things... But this is a comedy movie and hence all logics Viola-ted.

If you just accidentally hit on this movie, don't miss it. But this is not so great a movie that everyone has to run and watch it without fail. Overall, a good time-pass. Amanda has acted really well in some scenes and really irritating in some other. But she is the best in the movie. Watch this movie and share your comments. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see my favorite dialogue in this movie.