Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar - A Must Watch

[This post does not contain any spoilers, nothing more than what you would already know by the trailers.]

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think about Avatar is, the largest queue for the restroom I have ever stood in. It is a very big movie and in the theater I went, there was no interval at all (may be because they thought, people may run off with the 3D glass). So, right after the movie went, all the crowd went to restroom instead of the parking area :). So, if you are going to this movie in a theater which does not give interval, make sure you drink little water and voluntarily answer nature's call before entering :). On a serious note, I remembered dodging and ducking for the missiles and other objects. It was childish to do that, but was cool!

You will probably know more about the movie, about the never-seen-before stunning visual effects and never-heard-before amazing sound effects etc. You will also know that, if you haven't seen this movie till now, you will hesitate to ping your friend as he/she may ask 'you haven't seen Avatar? what a waste you are'. You may also probably know the history of this movie, that James Cameron had this movie in his mind for more than a decade and had to wait till now for the technology to grow and that they had ordered a special camera from Sony for this movie etc.

So, what can I talk about this movie here? I liked the movie very much but the opinions I hear from my friends greatly vary. "It was okay..", "It is very big...", "We can watch only once", "We have to watch at least once", etc. One of my friends told, "It was the best movie I have ever watched in my life so far, I would say". So, why would such an amazing great movie have a lot of opinion against it?
  1. It is a very big movie, 2 hours 40 minutes
  2. The story is predictable (and the last few minutes becomes predictable in the middle of the movie). (When the hero goes there and sees the female alien, we could easily guess that he is going to fall in love and he is going to defend them against the humans. Hmm... considering how predictable humans are, I think, if at all such mission happens in the future, only castrated people would be sent to such missions :D )
  3. To establish the world of Pandora, there are some scenes which are prolonged. For instance, taming his giant-bird.
  4. There are a lot of touching sentiment scenes, to establish their culture and to make us think that *The humans in Pandora are assholes* (which is true ;)). While this is NOT a negative point and it actually adds value, some people may not like that much sentiment when they have come for hardcore CGI action.
  5. Some of the scenes resemble from other movies. The way the humans go tot he Avatar body resembled Matrix; and the ferocious animal which attacks the final enemy, the way it roared and jumped reminded me of the roar and attack of the Lion in the Narnia climax.
Hmm... these points, though don't seem bad, may make some guys hesitate to say that it is an awesome movie. I am sure that everyone will have two opinions "It is a great movie" and "Hmm.. it is an okay movie". The fantasy world is so amazingly depicted and the close relationship of Na'vis with the nature is so emotionally pictured that will make us long for such a world. Don't miss this movie if you have missed it till now. Enjoy the stunning 3D effects and the sound effects. You are now free to blast me with your views ;)

BTW, did you know that NetApp storage was used in the making of Avatar? Check here.