Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Enchanted - You will sure be!

Sometimes, you will like a movie for no reasons and sometimes you will hate a movie for no reasons. This movie had fallen in the first category for me. Enchanted... I felt enchanted after seeing this movie. It is a typical fairy tale movie with no new creative ideas. No twists and turns. No breath taking scenes. Nothing. But the movie, in my opinion is 'Damn Good'.

Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) is sent from the fairy tale world to the real world by an evil witch to prevent her from marrying her stepson. How the princess react to the real world is the story, or we can say the movie. Giselle, in her fairy tale world Andalasia wants to have a true love's kiss. She meets a prince, Prince Edward (James Marsden) and falls in love. But the prince's stepmother tricks Giselle and send her to a world the next day, where there is no true love or no 'Happily Ever After', and that is our world.

In the world, she is being rescued by a lawyer Robert Philip and the clash between her world and real world starts. Slowly Giselle's view about falling in love at the first sight changes and slowly she starts to love Robert. When they are almost in sync, prince Edward comes and meets Giselle and Giselle parts from Robert leaving her heart there.

Since Edward and Giselle meet each other, the stepmother, the witch also comes to the real world to kill Giselle and tricks her to eat a poisoned apple. The only cure for the poison, as you could easily guess, is a true love's kiss! As you could easily guess, Edward first tries to save her, but she is not cured and Robert tries to save her and she comes back to life. Then there is a small graphics feast (not so much good), and the evil stepmother dies and Robert and Giselle lives Happily Ever After in our world.

You may think, 'then, what the hell is about Price Edward?'. Similarly, Robert was almost loving another girl called Nancy and Nancy and Edward goes to Andalasia and marry each other and they also live Happily Ever After. How is it? Nothing about movie is unique. But somehow, the whole movie radiates happiness and merry feeling. The movie is nominated for Oscar award for three of the songs in the movie. The music is excellent and will urge you to dance and the storyline will keep you laughing and happy. A feel energitic movie for all ages.

Click here to watch the trailer and here see my favourite dialogues.