Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prison Break - Heart Breaker

[Disclaimer: Nothing that will take off the thrill of watching this serial, for the first time, will be revealed, unlike, in some Tamil channels when they do cinema reviews: they will reveal the entire story (please do not come to fight me, for saying that tamil movies have stories in them... as some of them really do, no matter if the story is of 3 to 4 lines), like, for example, '"The hero is a beggar and the heroine is the daughter of very-rich-man\MLA\MP\rowdy-who-controls-the-entire-nation etc. Like no other movie in the history, they fall in love and that too the heroine will chase him and love him even though he will refuse for many times. The father of the heroine will oppose that and in the climax, whether they join or not is the story", they will tell the reviews like this, as though no one will know what the bull-shit climax would be.]

Prison Break is a world famous serial, which has 9.1 out of 10 rating in IMDB. The theme is simple. Micheal Scofield, a structural engineer, voluntarily goes to a prison, to break out of the prison with his innocent brother, who was set up with a murder of vice-president's brother. The prison he goes into is a well structured, well protected building and breaking out of it almost impossible.

At first, the main idea is to break out of th prison and get lost from those who set his brother up. But soon, the real problem comes when he finds out that, the people who involved in that set up are highly professional in doing these kind of business and killing people is as tough as calculation 1+1 for them. Micheal finds some friends as well as enemies in the prison. How he manages to break out of the prison and how he handles the problems which he will face after that is the serial.

There is nothing much I can say here without affecting the thrill, so let me tell you other things. This serial has 3 seasons with season one having 22 episodes and season 2 having 22 episodes and season 3 having 13 episodes, totally 55 (wow... what an arithmetic) each one with approximately 43 minutes. Once you start watching this, you wont be able to stop it unless some other important factor affects you.

I have seen my friends (including me) watching this for full nights, till 3:30 AM or 4:30 AM or 5:30 AM as we were not able to stop watching it. It is highly recommended for anyone having any interest in movies. By the way, it wont look like a serial, you can imagine this to be a movie which runs for about 40 hours. I have already spoiled some 4 friends (making them to stay awake throughout nights) with this serial. So, if you get any chance for seeing this (or you can get from me if you know me personally [as though anyone who don't know me will ever read my blogs ;)])