Sunday, November 21, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

Before telling anything about this serial I want to write about, I want to tell you a small incidence (which you can guess will have absolutely no bearing with anything this post has to convey). I was on call talking to my friend in Tamil in my office and after I cut the call, my colleague (and a good friend) who does not know Tamil asked me, "What was the word you used... something like 'theri ma'"? I told him it is a Tamil word 'Theriyuma' (தெரியுமா) which means 'do you know'. He told me, in Hindi 'Theri Maa' is a bad word which means 'Your (theri) Mother (maa)'. Ever since, I have to admit, I feel a little guilt and smile whenever I use that word and be careful that it does not sound like it and give more emphasis on TheriYUma.

Why I told about that incidence is that, 'your mother' is one of the most sensitive bad words. So, just by looking at the title of the serial and having known that it is an adult comedy genre, one may tend to think it is about a friend having met and got together with a friend's mother and narrating the story. Though it is an extreme perverted thought, a serial from Hollywood can do anything and go to any extent, as we know. But the thing is, this serial is NOT too much in adult comedy, and not too less to be viewed with family. Though there is nothing too much visually, almost all of the dialogues are related to sex in one way or another.

Oh... yes... I have to say something about the serial right? This is a narration of a father to his children about how he met his wife (their mother). It is not simply how he met his wife, but what are all the paths he went through before he met his wife. He tells about his best friends and about their life also. In fact, mostly about his friends' life. This being the theme, and one of his best friends being a complete pervert and a womanizer, and another friend being a very casual and open girl/woman and another two being a couple who are madly madly in love, all you can expect is hilarious jokes about/around sex.

I have to mention about the character Barney, who is the most amazing character in this serial. He is the driving factor and the most hilarious character in this serial. Yes, he is the pervert and his jokes are hilarious. Will I recommend this to my friends? Of course, yes. But not if don't like such comedy. But I would recommend/request you to try to watch at least the first 3 or 4 episodes (of the first season) before you decide anything about this. If you like it, the rest of the serial will be a treat to you. Try to watch it and share your views with me.