Sunday, August 23, 2009

NondhaaSaaaaamy - 10 WTF about this movie!

[Obviously, this post is going to be Not_Recommended_For_All. So, readers' discretion is required. Obviously, this post will have SPOILERS! If you are a Vikram fan, please don't read any further.]

  1. The intro of Vikram was awful. His dance (or fight?) in a cock's disguise was bull shit. Especially, his dance in telling his name. Why did they waste about 15 to 20 minutes for such an aweful intro? WTF??
  2. The Alegra dance - WTF. Shreya wanted her father to watch the dance and the costume was ****. I don't know what kind of father will enjoy watching his daughter dancing like that. Of course, it is possible for that kind of father who will make his daughter act like being raped by a serial rapist. WTF.
  3. Vikram always preferring to fight with his eyes closed. WTF. Why all the multi billionaire enemies employ assassins who don't even have guns?. WTF.
  4. The explanation they give for the cock fight. They are using tape recorders for audio and ropes for fight. Why don't they use CD player :)? WTF
  5. Shreya trying to simulate an attempted rape inside a CBI office. How and why should she be such a dumb ****. WTF
  6. Vikram's lady getup and the dance/fight for 15+ minutes. Aweful WTF.
  7. The fight with the Mexican gangsters in the middle of the field. OMG. Who would think like that? What kind of a bullshit-aweful-******-*******-*******-*******-******* fight is that? A bunch of professional assassins not able to hit a guy who is blind-folded. The biggest WTF.
  8. So many individual cases to establish what he does. I wanted to shout: "Okay... we get it. He answers the requests. What is next". WTF
  9. "You have to cut her off. She is risky" "Okay... I know how to end this" and then he goes to Shreya's house and there is this R rated song (meeyav meeyav pooo... ultimate bull shit). Oh... this is how you end everything? WTF.
  10. The camera was plain awful. Even if hero is not fighting, the camera is fighting and flashing. I got headache. I literally had to close my eyes for some fight sequences. The starting of the movie itself they were flashing a temple. Who in the fuck gave the idea, I don't know. It was awful. People may puke because of the camera effects. WhatTheFuck?
And this post... why should I write for this movie first? This is the first Tamil movie I am writing about. Why should this post be as junk as the movie? I don't know... If you have plenty of time, plenty of patience, and strong eyes, go watch the movie.

The good thing about the movie is, the concept is good (as long as you are not multi-millionaire :)) and Vikram looks handsome. If the movie is 1 hour 30-40 minutes, it would have been good, I think.