Sunday, January 4, 2009

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton - A Winner?

If you have been following this blog, by this time you could have understood that I love Romantic-Comedy movies. Even an okay movie would seem very good for me if the genre is romantic-comedy. In that line, *Win a Date with Tad Hamilton* is the movie I had enjoyed recently.

(Kate Bosworth) is from a small town working in a super market. The branch manager, Pete is a good friend of Rosalee for about 22 years. He has been in love with her all the time. Though he deserves to work in a bigger branch, he does not leave only for her.

Rosalee is a great fan of a famous hero Tad Hamilton. She wins a lucky draw contest called *Win a Date With Tad Hamilton*. During the date, Tad falls heavily for Rosalee's beauty. After the date, Rosalee comes back to her town. Surprisingly, Tad also comes to the town to spend time with her.

Pete does his best to make her realize the nature of heroes in Hollywo
od. But Tad, with his natural charm, easily controls Rosalee. When Tad has to return to LA, he asks Rosalee also to go with him. Rosalee, with some hesitation accepts his invite. But one thing is sure... if she goes to LA, she is gone forever and Pete could never get her back.

What will happen to these three people is the climax. I have to admit that, it is not the greatest movie you are going to watch, but it would surely be a good, decent romantic comedy movie. Click here to watch the trailer and here to know my favourite dialogue (which made me write this post). Watch the movie and share your comments.