Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Liar Liar - One of the most hilarious movies!

Liar Liar is one of the most hilarious movies I had ever seen. It is more hilarious than *Bruce Almighty*. Of course I must admit that most of the comedy are related to adultery and not recommended for kids. So, if you are not a kid and want to have some real stomach-paining laughs, this is the movie you must seek.

Yes, the story is very simple. Fletcher (Jim Carrey) is a lawyer and because of his son's prayers, he is not permitted to tell lies for only one day. Yes, it is also one of the *what if?* movies and because of that real fun comes. This is one of the crudest curse anyone could get: Not allowed to tell lies. Suppose, your colleague asks you to review his\her code and the code seems like a bull shit to you. And, if you have to say to them with smile in your face, *this is the most bull shit code I have ever seen...* What will be your situation if this happens, is this whole movie.

Fletcher is one of the best liars in the world almost 100% lying always and he gets this curse. So, in each and every situation he tells the truth and gets in to *embarrassing* situation. Yes... if you like this kind of comedy, embarrassing a subject as in MTP, this one is for you. There is not a story line which we can discuss. The movie is full of comedy. So, if you get a chance, do not miss it.

Some of the comedies: "Why don't you lend me some money?" "Because I am a cheap", "I object this question your honor!!!" "You are objecting to your own question?", etc. You can also click here to see one of my favorite dialogues. Click here to watch the trailer. If you had already watched this movie, you can share your comments here.

[P.S.: In the above example I told about code review, our code may look like a cow dung to others who review it, but that does not matter isn't it :)]