Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Eye - Red In Thrill

Racheal McAdams is one of my recent favourite heroines. This is the third movie of her, I really enjoyed watching, the first being *The Notebook* and another being *Mean Girls*. *The Notebook* being a top-class romantic drama and *Mean Girls* being a good teen movie, and this, *Red Eye* being a good thriller.

Lisa (Rachel McAdams) the manager of a star hotel 'Lux Atlantic' in
Miami when returning from Texas, meets a complete stranger Jack (Cillian Murphy) in the airport accidentally. They both get attracted to each other on their first sight. By chance, they are happened to travel in the same flight. They both flirt for some time and part.

Ironically, it so happens that Jack sits adjacent to Lisa. With good friendly talks and pranks the flight takes off. Since Lisa had already told him that she is afraid of flying, Jack asks questions about Lisa's family when the flight takes off. After they have reached the altitude and the turbulence stops, Lisa thanks Jack to have distracted her from the turbulence.

With the same lovely cute face, Jack tells that he was not distracting her, but keeping the focus on her and her father. Slightly confused and a little scared, she inquires why he would keep the focus on her father. His answer starts the actual movie and Lisa comes to knows that everything that happened till that time with that guy is not by chance... but there was something big happening.

What is that he expects out of her and how could she even escape from this mess is the rest of the movie. Most of the movie happens in the airplane. The movie has some big logical mistakes as all their conversations happen in the flight and no one even knows about it. People don't even turn back when he hits her. If you are ready for the thrill, you can forget about these plot holes and enjoy the ride.

I liked the movie as it had started with a romantic-comedy kind of things and moving in to a suspence thriller and ending with gripping chases and hide-and-seek-for-life things. It is a good thriller with not-so-much gore. If you like suspence-thriller movies, this is one movie you can definitely hang out with. Please click here (dont miss this one) to watch the trailer and here to see my comments. Watch the movie and share your comments.