Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Liar Liar - One of the most hilarious movies!

Liar Liar is one of the most hilarious movies I had ever seen. It is more hilarious than *Bruce Almighty*. Of course I must admit that most of the comedy are related to adultery and not recommended for kids. So, if you are not a kid and want to have some real stomach-paining laughs, this is the movie you must seek.

Yes, the story is very simple. Fletcher (Jim Carrey) is a lawyer and because of his son's prayers, he is not permitted to tell lies for only one day. Yes, it is also one of the *what if?* movies and because of that real fun comes. This is one of the crudest curse anyone could get: Not allowed to tell lies. Suppose, your colleague asks you to review his\her code and the code seems like a bull shit to you. And, if you have to say to them with smile in your face, *this is the most bull shit code I have ever seen...* What will be your situation if this happens, is this whole movie.

Fletcher is one of the best liars in the world almost 100% lying always and he gets this curse. So, in each and every situation he tells the truth and gets in to *embarrassing* situation. Yes... if you like this kind of comedy, embarrassing a subject as in MTP, this one is for you. There is not a story line which we can discuss. The movie is full of comedy. So, if you get a chance, do not miss it.

Some of the comedies: "Why don't you lend me some money?" "Because I am a cheap", "I object this question your honor!!!" "You are objecting to your own question?", etc. You can also click here to see one of my favorite dialogues. Click here to watch the trailer. If you had already watched this movie, you can share your comments here.

[P.S.: In the above example I told about code review, our code may look like a cow dung to others who review it, but that does not matter isn't it :)]

Friday, September 28, 2007

You've Got Mail - My most favourite movie of all time.

*You've Got Mail* is a movie about sentiments and emotions. The story is very simple: A man and a woman who are rivals in business and are enemy are actually lovers over the internet without knowing the real identity and how they get together is the movie. This is the second movie in which Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan-Nora Ephron joins to give a romantic comedy movie. It is Nora Ephron's style to take a very simple story and make the movie a good one with the help of screenplay and brilliant acting.

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) are friends over the internet by the name NY152 and ShopGirl respectively and they almost fall in love with each other due to their natural charm. But Joe Fox puts Kathleen Kelly out of her book business with his multi story book shop with stunning discounts, without knowing that she is his friend ShopGirl. Kathleen asks business advices to Joe over the internet without saying any specifics.

But whatever she does, she is not able to recover and she tends to close the shop. She wants to meet NY152 to get consoled and NY152 eagerly agrees to meet his ShopGirl. When he goes to the spot he comes to know that ShopGirl in Kathleen. He understands that if he reveals his identity then itself, she will surely ditch him to have put her out of business, and he could never get any chance to make her love him. So, he does not reveal his identity to her then and leaves the spot.

So then onwards Joe meets Kathleen as Joe itself and try to get a place in her heart. How he does that? How he makes her to forgive him? How he develops friendship with her as Joe also. How he makes her to love him, as Joe, instead of NY152? And how Kathleen reacts when she comes to know that Joe is NY152? Is the rest of the movie.

The music in the movie is excellent and it has about ten background songs, all being excellent. The climax song in which Kathleen comes to know about Joe, is a masterpiece. I could not help, I always get goose flesh in the climax because of the song and Meg Ryan's acting. By always, I mean all the 35+ times I have seen this movie. This is a movie which worth watching many times. Click here to watch a small trailer and here to see the last dialogue of the movie.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cellular - Non Stop Thrill!

Cellular is a movie, which starts at one point does not stop until the movie ends. The whole movie is about a guy's 5-6 hours of life. How much a missed call can mess your life, is the story. The story turns out to be simple: A guy, Ryan (Chris Evans) , gets an anonymous call and the caller, Jessica (Kim Basinger) says that she was kidnapped and that she will die if he does not give his cell phone to the police.

The interesting part is that, the phone from which she makes the call is shattered and there is no guarantee that she will get a valid line one more time. Not believing her for some time Ryan makes sarcastic remarks on her but soon comes to know of the real danger. Not knowing what he is going to face he willingly starts to help her.

The situations turn out to make him a robber and a criminal. How he fights to make way for his pursue of saving an unknown family becomes the rest of the story. Despite the simple story, the screenplay is extremely well manipulated (of course there are some logical mistakes which we should not care. For example, Ryan steals a security guard's car but does not face any problem or chase from the cops) that it will keep us in the verge of our seats.

I particularly like this kind of movie that has so rapid storyline development. This is a movie which is worth watching at least once. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see one of my favorite dialogues in this movie. Watch the movie and let me know your comments.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bruce Almighty - When A Man Became God

Bruce Almighty is one of my favorite movies, not only because of the comedy flavor in the movie but also because of the sentiments it has in it. The story is simple, a man, Bruce ( Jim Carrey), who has never got any luck and has never got what he deserves, keeps complaining about the God that He is not doing his job well. So, the God (Morgan Freeman ) decides to give him all his powers and let him do His job! How Bruce does this and what becomes of him is the story.

Bruce, who has been complaining about God, does not do anything for the people. He uses the power to enrich his life by getting the job he thinks he deserves by forcing his competitor to be sacked, enjoying the love life with his girl friend, taking revenge of those who had once hit him, etc. But he forgets one thing, all this time, he has been very selfish and he never thinks about what his lover, Grace ( Jennifer Aniston) really wants. He just neglects her wishes and feelings, thinking only about him.

Eventually, he loses Grace. Sudden feeling of emptiness occupies him. He realizes his mistakes, but it is too late. Finally, he uses his power to get to know what she prays and is shocked to see that all her prayers are for his good. He has never cared about her, never took any steps to know what she really wants. He realizes how selfish he had been. Not able to repent to the fullest for his mistakes, he wants to give up his responsibility. And yet in the climax, with so much of emotions, he joins his lover as a real lover and the movie ends with a happy ending.

This is another *what if* movie by Jim Carrey, another one being *Liar Liar*. But this movie has more sentiments and emotions. The second half of the movie is devoted to sentiments where as the first part is full of comedy. I could not help myself from getting goose bumps every time I see this movie, when Bruce sees Grace's prayers. Click here to watch the trailer and click here to see my favorite dialog of this movie. A movie which is definitely worth watching. Watch this movie and share your comments.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Bicycle Thief - will steal anyone's heart!

The story of *The Bicycle Thief* is very very simple. How far a man will go in a desperate situation and how far the poverty and unemployment will change any honest man. This story takes place in Italy after World War II, when Italy is struck with poverty and unemployment. Antonio, a poor man who hardly had any luck in his life has got an appointment for a job and for the job, he has to have a bicycle. Without bicycle, he will not get the job. Having no cycle with him, he sells all his left-out things in his house to buy a second-hand bicycle.

He goes to his job for the first day. The tragedy strikes him with a brutal blow; his bicycle is stolen on the first day. He has nothing left with him. So, he and his son go out in search of their bicycle. Searching every single bicycle they see. Wandering like a cloud which does not know where it should go. This is the most of the movie. As the time flies by, the desperation increases. He has to get the cycle before the end of the day. At one point of time, Antonio loses the hope and he asks his accompanying son to go to the house, so that he could steal a cycle that is standing outside a house.

His son not able to get on the running bus is left behind him where he sees his father stealing a cycle and is being chased by a lot of people. He witnesses his father being caught and being hit and scolded. The owner of the cycle sees this, Antonio's son crying there, decides to leave Antonio saying *This man has got enough of his problems*. Antonio and his son leaves this spot: Antonio bearing tons of embarrassment and pain in heart; his son with tons of fear and worry in his face. Antonio breaks into tears. His son giving his hand to his father and leans on him to console him. As the father and son leave the spot, hand-in-hand, the film ends.

Though I like to feel all kind of emotions through films, this one let me feel the poverty, unemployment, desperation, worry, tragedy and most of all the embarrassment in front of the child. In the climax where Antonio breaks into tears is still in my eyes. This is a 1948 movie, which is considered to be one of the best movies ever, is definitely worth watching at least once; a sentimental, touching movie. Watch this movie and share your comments.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Legally Blonde - Morally Blonde.

Legally Blonde is a movie about a brilliant blonde [blonde: A girl with blonde hairs, who in generally considered to be brainless but beautiful] who is rejected by her boyfriend just because he thinks that she is not smart enough to marry him. After having all affairs, he just says that his family wants him to be a lawyer and that he will marry only a lawyer. The blonde Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), is a fashion designer. Desperate to do anything to make her love success, she decides to join the law school. She tries hard to get an admission in law school and gets it.

Elle goes to law school to find her boyfriend engaged to another law student. She does not lose hope and still tries to get her love back; but in vain. She is despised by her boy friend again and again and is terribly insulted. She decides to proove that she is intelligent. Elle works very hard and is hired by a famous professor to be an assitant in a defense case of a murder trial in which her boy friend and his new girl friend are also selected. The accused in that case turns out to be Elles' friend, who is innocent.

When working close with Elle, the new girlfriend of her boyfriend understands Elle and becomes her friend. Elle also finds vital clues for the case to make that case from the worst condition to a bad condition. But before makeing the bad condition to a good condition, she is being hit on by her professor. She could not bear that and decides to quit when her friend also talks bad of her just listening to what the professor proposed. Suddenly everything becomes dark and that she becomes a complete loser as she had lost the professor's help.

How she overcomes this situation and becomes a legal(ly) blonde is the rest of the movie. This is an okay-movie with comedy in its core. All the characters do over-action but in an enjoyable limit. Watch this movie if you happened to watch it and I could not say that this is a must watch movie. You could always share your comments if you had already wathced this movie. Click here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The River Wild - Wildest River

The River Wild is a movie about a family, which gets acquainted to criminals accidentally and how they escape from them. Gail (Meryl Streep), the loving mother, plans for an excursion for her son's birthday, where as Tom (David Strathairn), her husband, does not wish to come as he has some work to be done. He is workaholic and does not have a healthy relationship her. The excursion is nothing but rafting in a river enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Gail is a very much experienced rafter from her age of 18.

When the trip is about to start, Tom gives a surprise by joining the trip. Before the trip starts, their son meets a friendly guy, Wade (Kevin Bacon), who is also going to raft in that river. Wade comes to know that Gail is a very much experienced rafter by the son. Wade becomes the child's friend immediately and offers his cap and thus becoming a good acquaintance to Gail. Tom does not like Wade and his partner Terry at the first sight, though.

Wade and Terry just follow them and always want to be with them and Tom develops a suspicion about this. He warns Gail about this but she does not care. As the time goes, Gail also develops a suspicion and she comes to know about them when Wade sneakingly seeing her taking bath. At that point they want to get rid of them but Wade gets hold of their son and manages to spoil their idea. Wade demands Gail under the gun to help him to get passed the river. Gail realizes that Wade has become a friend, having the idea of using her to get passed the river and that they are the criminal who robbed a bank and are trying to escape to other country through this river and that they are even ready to kill Tom if he stops her helping them.

How they escape from them is the rest of the movie. This movie is full of beautiful sceneries showing woods and the river, the wild river. Rafting in the wild river is very much thrilling even when to watch it. Click here to watch the trailer, and you will know about this movie. This is an okay-movie, which is passive in the first half and thrilling in the second half, and is worth watching at least once. Watch this film and share your comments (Star Movies is hosting this movie this month and you could get a chance to see this, this month).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wrong Turn - Never make it!

Imagine you are driving in a forest. You take a shortcut to avoid the traffic. You are driving in a route where no one is going. Strangely your car tires get punctured due an apparently purposefully laid nails on the road and you see another car which has also got punctured in the same spot. You feel strange about this and want to get help to get out of that place. There are five people from the other car and three of them come with you to get some help, leaving two of them in the spot. You four see a house in the middle of the forest having a lot of cars, punctured, standing outside.

You enter into the house to look for someone who could help you. There is no one in the house. But you feel something eerie there and start to explore the house. All the four of you disperse and search the house. You find a fridge and you open it. What??? You find a bowl of blood garnished by ears. You come out to see all the four of you having found parts of human bodies. You are desperate to get out of the house and you find that the cannibals have arrived, after hunting the other two friends. Now, there is no way to escape, but to hide in their own house.

You hide under a bed. They enter into the house carrying your friends. You see their foot steps. They have come near the bed. One of them stops. Thud!!! He drops your friend's body in front to you, such that you see the dead friend seeing you with tons of agony. The blood from the body approaches you. A bullet has also been dropped from him and he pokes his hand under the bed to get that. Will he catch you? Could you breathe Silently? Could you hold yourself from screaming? After all screaming is suicidal.

This is how the movie goes. Unlike other horror movies in which the subject of thrill is exposed at the end, Wrong Turn shows the cannibals in the start itself and how our heroes escape from them is the story. It has a lot of spine-chilling chasing, gore-mutilation, etc. A good horror movie, which is worth watching (in this genre). Watch this film and share your comments.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Irma La Douce - That is another story!

Irma La Douce is a movie about a honest, decent and an innocent policeman who falls in love with a streetwalker. Nector the police (Jack Lemmon), who first comes to that street full of streetwalkers, inquires Irma La Douce (Shirley MacLaine), about this area. Later when he rides the notorious hotel he has to arrest Irma also. During their acquaintance, he develops some attraction towards her. Later when he defeats the guy who guards(by beating) her she starts to like him.

Irma and Nector starts to live together; but Irma considers that to be a profession. She works for him to make him rich. Nector doesn't like this and he does not want her to make love with anyone. Then he develops an idea that he himself will go to her as a rich Englishman, Lord X, (the story happens in France and that is why it gets the name, which means Irma the sweet) and just play cards with her and give her 500 Francs; so that she does not involve in business any more. The happy Irma and the other friends start to spend the money.

To compensate the money they spend, Nector works in the night very hard and thus sleeps in the morning without showing any interest in her. She develops a suspicion that he goes to some other girls in the night and thus he has lost the interest in her. Irma, seeing Lord X to be so pathetic and genuine and Nector to be negligent and sneaky, starts to develop sympathy towards him (The Lord X version of Nector) and slowly starts to love him. This breaks Nector-Irma relationship to be broken and Irma wants to go with Lord X to England.

Not able to manager her and the situation, Nector destroys Lord X (himself) and the situation turns up that Nector has murdered Lord X. He confesses that he has killed Lord X and declares, he did that as he loves Irma so much that he could not let her go with anyone. Irma understands his love; but not the policemen. How he outwits the police and gets out of that murder is *another story* (you will understand the meaning of *another story* when you watch the film:)) This is a 1963 full-length comedy movie which is definitely worth watching. Watch this movie and share your comments.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Cousin Vinny - Oscar Winner!

*My Cousin Vinny* is movie about two innocent boys, Ben and Stan, who get charged with first-degree-murder wrongfully. Since they could not afford an attorney, they seek help from their family and get to know that Ben's cousin, Vinny (Joe Pesci), is an attorney. Soon they come to know that Vinny has studied in the law school for six additional years as he failed; a lot of studying:). The state law demands that, the attorney who represent the defendant should be experienced. Vinny lies to the Judge that he has been practising law for sixteen years. The judge anyhow suspects that Vinny is lying as Vinny behaves in a very un-professional way.

As the case starts and goes by, Vinny does a lot of stupid things that make the case very weak for them. The DA (District Attorney) has three eye-witnesses who could positively identify that Ben and Stan has entered\left the murder spot. Vinny does not cross-examine the witnesses in the preliminary hearing and thus the case goes for the trial. But when he is encouraged and helped by his fiancee, Liza (Marisa Tomei, who won Oscar for this movie), he goes to all the witnesses and inquires them. In the first day of the trial, when he starts to cross-examine the witnesses, he proves that all the witnesses have mistaken and\or lied. This puts the case in favor of Vinny. In the meanwhile, the judge almost discovers that Vinny has lied about this experience and that he is in-eligible for the case.

The next day, the DA, presents a surprise witness, who is an expert in tire marks, testifies that the tyre material of the defendant's car and the car that left the murder spot are the same; thus making the case very strong against Vinny. In a very critical time, Vinny discovers a breaking clue that could win the case immediately. He wins the case, at last, with the help of his fiancee as a witness, as she is an expert in automobiles and interprets that there is no chance for the defendant's car to have made the tyre marks. Thus we get a very happy and emotional climax.

Though the core of the movie is very serious, throughout the movie, Vinny does a lot of funny things that are guaranteed to make you laugh, especially the menu card joke. How he handles the judge is also very funny. This is one of a very good hilarious movies, which definitely worth watching. Click here to watch the trailer of this movie and here to see one of my favorite dialogues. Watch this movie and share your comments.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Rainmaker - John Grisham's most favourite.

This movie is based on the novel *The Rainmaker* by John Grisham. The story is about an young man, Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon), who has just completed his degree, and gets a job in a firm. He is associated with a short guy, Deck (Danny DeVito) who has not completed his degrees, but who is very much experienced in getting small cases like accident cases. Rudy already has some cases in his hand: A case of claiming insurance, from GreatBeneift Insurance company, for a patient, Donny Ray, suffering from leukemia, who desperately needs the insurance money to undergo a costly operation to survive. This case is the main story line.

Rudy encounters intimidating, experienced lawyers who are paid $1000 per hour by GreatBenefit for the insurance claim case. He is literally humiliated by those lawyers as he is very much in-experienced. As the case goes, Rudy becomes Donny's friend. Donny asks Rudy to take care of his family after his demise with the money he is going to get by winning the case. Later, in the middle of the case, Donny dies of cancer. Rudy wants to take revenge on GreatBeneift and fights his level best; gets some vital clues and help from his associate, Deck and manages to win the case.

In the meanwhile, Rudy meets Kelly (Claire Danes), who is admitted in a hospital, as she got hit by her husband, with a baseball bat. He learns that she is often admitted in the hospital in a very critical condition. He develops sympathy on her and talks to her and becomes her friend and later he starts to love her. Since Kelly has no one to care about her, she is destined to live with her husband who often hits her when he is intoxicated. Kelly also starts to love Rudy but is afraid that her husband would kill her and Rudy also. Rudy gets into a situation in which he has to kill Kelly's husband. But Kelly gets the murder weapon and asks him to leave so that she gets convicted, to save him. But she gets released as the murder is considered to be for self-defense.

This is a movie with tragedy, sentiment, friendship and love in the core. Click here to watch the trailer of this movie. Though this movie goes very slowly, we will get occupied by the movie for a while. This is definitely a movie which worth watching. Watch this film and let me know your comments.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spider Man 3 - A piece of cake for critics

Spider Man 3 also has a great impact as the previous two parts; but now, there are a lot of criticism for this movie. The main reason is that, this movie is the longest movie in the sequel having a lot of sentiments and emotions and ofcourse a lot of actions. If you are ready to spare some sentiments of Spider Man, you will definitely enjoy this movie. The stunts are really amazing, astonishing and superb. Spider Man faces four villans in this movie including himself. All the action sequence are as usual excellent.

Fried or Foe: Parker's friend Harry becomes his enemy as he thinks Spider Man has killed his father and so tries to kill him. The real murderer of Parker's uncle becomes (an, almost, immortal) Sandman and Parker tries to kill him. When Spider Man is occupied by alien entity, he gains a good amount of enemity from his colleague\competitor who then becomes Venom, who is trying to kill Spider Man. Spider Man when in the alien's hold, behaves badly and loses his lover MJ.

How he handles all these, is the movie. It is little hard to accpet the Sandman's power (and how he gets his dress back after reforming from sand :-) ), why Venom's tooth are like fangs, how spider man could first take back the black dress easily earlier and then strugglles to remove it later, etc. But, this is a sci-fi movie which means, *Devoid of Logics*. If we could accept that a bite of a spider could make a man the SpiderMan and find it hard to believe the above mentioned things, then this SM3 will not be enjoyable.

When you enter the theatre (or playing the DVD), say this to yourself: *I am watching this movie to enjoy the superb animation and stunts sequence. I will accept the sentiments of Spider Man. I will not look out for logics.*. This will make this movie an excellent movie. Despite all the flaws, this movie is defnitely worth watching at least once in a big screen. Watch this movie and spare your comments!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Meet the {Parents & Fockers} - Only if you are an adult!

*Meet The Parents* is a movie about a love couple who wants to get the permission of the parents before wedding. First they go to meet the bride's parents. Her father (Robert De Niro) does not like groom (Ben Stiller) the moment he sees him. Robert De Niro is a retired CIA officer who has hidden camera's and mic's everywhere in the house to closely monitor the groom. This is how the movie goes. Ben Stiller finds it really hard to get good name from RobertDeNiro and in point, he is rejected by RobertDeNiro for his terrible lies. But since his daughter still loves BenStiller, he accepts him, but with one condition: All of them has to meet the parents of BenStiller to learn about his family and their culture.

*Meet the Fockers* is the sequel of *Meet the parents* in which BenStiller again struggles to comfort RobertDeNiro in his own house. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand have acted as Ben Stiller's parents. Ben Stiller undergoes very much embarrassing situations in both the movies. Almost all the comedies are crude and sexually oriented. *Meet the Parents* have better sentiments and impacts than *Meet the Fockers*. Overall, both the movies are Okay-Movies. Click here and then here to watch the trailer of these movies. Watch the films and share your comments here.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Primal Fear - Slow and Steady wins the case

This is a movie about an innocent 19 year old boy, Erin (Edward Norton), who has been arrested, for killing the priest who brought him up, in a very gory way. He is found running out of the murder spot with blood stains all over his body. When the entire nation thinks that Erin has done that, one attorney, Morty (Richard Gere), think that he is innocent and takes that case to defend him for free. As the movie goes, Morty finds that Erin is sufferring from Multiple Personality Disorder and that his other character, Roy, who is very viloent has killed the priest and Roy admits that he has done that to Morty (Anniyan has taken some part from this movie I hope so). Morty finds it hard to proove this to court and finally after much struggle wins that case. When everything is okay and when the movie is about to end, Morty goes to Erin and says this good news; then something happens in that movie, which is extremely good.

I was occupied by this movie and I could not come out of the movie for some hours. Edward Norton was nominated for Oscar for this movie for his excellent acting. This movie has a slow start and moves slowly till one hour and then it speeds up. A good movie which worth watching. See the movie fully and let me know your comments.