Tuesday, April 1, 2008

12 Angry Men - 3 of them are Oscar winners!

12 Angry Men is a unique kind of a movie I have ever seen. The name tells everything. It is a story about twelve men and all the twelve are angry. The whole movie is the discussion that goes on between the twelve men. I was biased about this movie by the rating it has (stands 13 in the top 250 movies ever) and by the friend who talked great about this movie (and who knows... he might have been biased by some other facts already). But what I can tell you is that, it is a damn good movie.

In a murder case, which seems 104% sure that the defendant is guilty, has come to the stage for the verdict of the juries. The 12 juries go to the jury room and start to discuss about the case. Interestingly, only one out of the twelve juries thinks that the defendant is not-guilty. How the single man convinces the other 11 juries who are so strong about their verdict and so angry on the defendant, is the movie.

There are two strong eye witnesses for the case and a lot of circumstantial evidences, like, the boy had a fight with his father and went directly to a shop to buy a switchblade knife, which was used to kill the father after some time, and the boy claiming that he lost his knife when he went to a movie after the fight, and, he does not remember anything about the movie when the police inquired, etc.

It seems very obvious that the boy killed his father when the discussion first starts. The one man who is against this proves to all prejudiced people that they may be wrong about this case. Let me tell you, the movie is not about proving that the defendant is not-guilty logically or scientifically or legally or Medically (like My Cousin Vinny or Liar Liar or Primal Fear or Legally Blonde). This movie is about handling people and their emotions in the right way to get the right result; also please do not think this is a movie about personality development.

If you ever get any chance of watching this movie, I would recommend you to watch this. Though this is a very old movie (1957) it is quite famous one, so you should not have trouble getting one. Watch this movie and share your comments. Click here to view one of my favorite dialogues in this movie and here to watch the trailer.