Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar - A Must Watch

[This post does not contain any spoilers, nothing more than what you would already know by the trailers.]

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think about Avatar is, the largest queue for the restroom I have ever stood in. It is a very big movie and in the theater I went, there was no interval at all (may be because they thought, people may run off with the 3D glass). So, right after the movie went, all the crowd went to restroom instead of the parking area :). So, if you are going to this movie in a theater which does not give interval, make sure you drink little water and voluntarily answer nature's call before entering :). On a serious note, I remembered dodging and ducking for the missiles and other objects. It was childish to do that, but was cool!

You will probably know more about the movie, about the never-seen-before stunning visual effects and never-heard-before amazing sound effects etc. You will also know that, if you haven't seen this movie till now, you will hesitate to ping your friend as he/she may ask 'you haven't seen Avatar? what a waste you are'. You may also probably know the history of this movie, that James Cameron had this movie in his mind for more than a decade and had to wait till now for the technology to grow and that they had ordered a special camera from Sony for this movie etc.

So, what can I talk about this movie here? I liked the movie very much but the opinions I hear from my friends greatly vary. "It was okay..", "It is very big...", "We can watch only once", "We have to watch at least once", etc. One of my friends told, "It was the best movie I have ever watched in my life so far, I would say". So, why would such an amazing great movie have a lot of opinion against it?
  1. It is a very big movie, 2 hours 40 minutes
  2. The story is predictable (and the last few minutes becomes predictable in the middle of the movie). (When the hero goes there and sees the female alien, we could easily guess that he is going to fall in love and he is going to defend them against the humans. Hmm... considering how predictable humans are, I think, if at all such mission happens in the future, only castrated people would be sent to such missions :D )
  3. To establish the world of Pandora, there are some scenes which are prolonged. For instance, taming his giant-bird.
  4. There are a lot of touching sentiment scenes, to establish their culture and to make us think that *The humans in Pandora are assholes* (which is true ;)). While this is NOT a negative point and it actually adds value, some people may not like that much sentiment when they have come for hardcore CGI action.
  5. Some of the scenes resemble from other movies. The way the humans go tot he Avatar body resembled Matrix; and the ferocious animal which attacks the final enemy, the way it roared and jumped reminded me of the roar and attack of the Lion in the Narnia climax.
Hmm... these points, though don't seem bad, may make some guys hesitate to say that it is an awesome movie. I am sure that everyone will have two opinions "It is a great movie" and "Hmm.. it is an okay movie". The fantasy world is so amazingly depicted and the close relationship of Na'vis with the nature is so emotionally pictured that will make us long for such a world. Don't miss this movie if you have missed it till now. Enjoy the stunning 3D effects and the sound effects. You are now free to blast me with your views ;)

BTW, did you know that NetApp storage was used in the making of Avatar? Check here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

UnnaiPol Oruvan & Eeram

[If you don't know anything about these movies please don't read any further. If you know something (that UnnaiPol Oruvan is a full length romantic comedy movie and Eeram is a same old College teen movie) and if you don't have problems with mild spoilers go ahead and read. This post may contain mild spoilers, which WONT spoil the joy of watching the movie if you have read/seen other reviews.]

In last weekend, I watched two delightful movies in big screen. I fancy saying "I watch only English movies (or even Korean movies), but not Tamil movies as Tamil Movies always suck". But these two movies are exceptions. They are must watch for any movie fans. These movies gave me some hope back to watch Tamil movies.

UnnaiPol Oruvan:
What a delightful movie! No build-ups, no punch dialogues, no stupid junk fights, no usage of songs to show vulgar content, no irrelevant attempt-humor, etc. This movie is devoid of all the bull shit things I hate about Tamil movies. Plus, it has Kamal in his best! But if anyone fancies saying "The original movie was much better... this movie is not upto the mark... etc." they may sulk after this movie. If you are not among them, you will definitely enjoy the movie.

Thing(s) that made me like the movie:
  1. Great acting from Kamal and Mohal.
  2. The two police characters. Never seen such real majestic looking police men in movies (and in real life also :) )
  3. Mild humor in the middle of the serious movie. (it may irritate critics who will say 'it was not needed and was forcibly injected')
  4. Simple and very fast screenplay.
  5. Devoid of bull shits.
Thing(s) that sucked:
  1. Why Kamal planted fake bags when he could have simply told the police? One original bag would have been enough. It was forcibly shown for the audience to feel the pressure which was a bit unsatisfying.
  2. In the starting Mohan Lal addressing Kamal without respect as though Kamal had screwed his life, though at the end he addressed him with respect. It was also illogically shown for the audience to feel pressure. A little bit unsatisfying.
Of course, these are very very minor things. But the movie is a MUST WATCH, in big screen.

A good movie, though had some bull shits, over all, it was delight to watch the movie. I wished at least in this horror movie, the spirit is sensible and logical (you may ask, "when you accept ghosts themselves as logical, why in the dash you want logic?"), but the ghost failed there. Even though there are a lot of things which made me frown, this movie is far far better than many other junk movies. I wish everyone who reads this post watch this movie also in a big screen (not in your 40" LCD TV, but in theater)

Things which I liked about this movie:
  1. Sindhu Menon :) for her acting
  2. Saranya Mohan for her acting
  3. Sindhu Menon and Saranya Mohan for their beauty
  4. Camera! The way the water comes was pictured in an awesome way, for one instance!
  5. The Mazhaiye Mazhaiye song and the intense romance between the characters... hmm... simply awesome (it has been long time since a song showed such genuine pure intense romance, IMHO)
  6. How, there are so many AH in the world who ruin innocent people life, is explained.
  7. And the most important thing: The moral of the movie :). Past is past and what you can expect most is a trustful present and future.
  8. Again, no vulgar in the name of songs. I was so happy that they had not ruined the decency of the movie with a R rated dash song. (IMHO, if a director wants to give a decent movie, they should not have an item song. A very good family movie having an item song is like having a full meals with so many varieties of food items and then serving a bit of shit in the corner of the plantain leaf. In case of Kandhasaamy, since the whole movie was shit, I wont complain too much about it)
Thing(s) that sucked:
  1. The problem with all the spirits that had come in the entire history of movies. They are senseless, stupid and illogical. When they can control everyone and everything why don't they directly go and hunt the main target??? :(
  2. Why didn't the spirit help her sister when being molested? Why didn't that stupid spirit didn't come and help the police till he was pierced in one foot by a spear?
  3. An ordinary business man fighting with a AC (of height 6.5 feet) and then winning the fight.
  4. An ordinary business man becoming like a serial killer. The character was inconsistent.
  5. And other minor things which can be easily forgiven and forgotten.

If you haven't watched any of these movies, I highly recommend that you watch them, both, in theater. If your opinion is different, please do share it via comments. If you have already watched these movies and enjoyed it, you can share your experience!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Walk To Remember - A Touching Walk!

I will make sure that I don't spoil your enjoyment(?) of watching this movie by this post. A Walk To Remember is a romantic drama movie which will surely let you think about the movie for some time after it is over. A movie about true and pure love without involving forced humor, but involving more essence of love, will describe this movie better.

This is (not yet another) movie about the love between two completely different characters who have known each other for years. Jamie is an easy target for bullies because of the decent dress she wears and Landon is a typical high school kid who does not care about others. Though they have known for a long time, they are not friends, until, Landon is forced to spend some time with her for some time.

Within the very little time, Landon falls for Jamie despite her warning. What will it feel like if there are two perfect lovers who have found each other, the real other, after so long of an acquaintance. To what extend the real love will go? What and all will you do for your love of your life? How will you feel if love is showered from the screen?

I can't tell much without spoiling the movie, so I don't want to continue this post. Pros: Love, Acting, Intense Chemistry. Cons: First fifteen minutes loosely linked to the movie. This movie is definitely worth watching it. If you get a chance, don't miss it. Click here to read my favorite quote in the movie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

NondhaaSaaaaamy - 10 WTF about this movie!

[Obviously, this post is going to be Not_Recommended_For_All. So, readers' discretion is required. Obviously, this post will have SPOILERS! If you are a Vikram fan, please don't read any further.]

  1. The intro of Vikram was awful. His dance (or fight?) in a cock's disguise was bull shit. Especially, his dance in telling his name. Why did they waste about 15 to 20 minutes for such an aweful intro? WTF??
  2. The Alegra dance - WTF. Shreya wanted her father to watch the dance and the costume was ****. I don't know what kind of father will enjoy watching his daughter dancing like that. Of course, it is possible for that kind of father who will make his daughter act like being raped by a serial rapist. WTF.
  3. Vikram always preferring to fight with his eyes closed. WTF. Why all the multi billionaire enemies employ assassins who don't even have guns?. WTF.
  4. The explanation they give for the cock fight. They are using tape recorders for audio and ropes for fight. Why don't they use CD player :)? WTF
  5. Shreya trying to simulate an attempted rape inside a CBI office. How and why should she be such a dumb ****. WTF
  6. Vikram's lady getup and the dance/fight for 15+ minutes. Aweful WTF.
  7. The fight with the Mexican gangsters in the middle of the field. OMG. Who would think like that? What kind of a bullshit-aweful-******-*******-*******-*******-******* fight is that? A bunch of professional assassins not able to hit a guy who is blind-folded. The biggest WTF.
  8. So many individual cases to establish what he does. I wanted to shout: "Okay... we get it. He answers the requests. What is next". WTF
  9. "You have to cut her off. She is risky" "Okay... I know how to end this" and then he goes to Shreya's house and there is this R rated song (meeyav meeyav pooo... ultimate bull shit). Oh... this is how you end everything? WTF.
  10. The camera was plain awful. Even if hero is not fighting, the camera is fighting and flashing. I got headache. I literally had to close my eyes for some fight sequences. The starting of the movie itself they were flashing a temple. Who in the fuck gave the idea, I don't know. It was awful. People may puke because of the camera effects. WhatTheFuck?
And this post... why should I write for this movie first? This is the first Tamil movie I am writing about. Why should this post be as junk as the movie? I don't know... If you have plenty of time, plenty of patience, and strong eyes, go watch the movie.

The good thing about the movie is, the concept is good (as long as you are not multi-millionaire :)) and Vikram looks handsome. If the movie is 1 hour 30-40 minutes, it would have been good, I think.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Time Crooks - Big Time Comedy!!!

It has been a long time since I have talked about any movies in this blog. I am sorry about that. It does not mean that I haven't seen any good movie in the meantime. As a matter of fact, I had watched a lot of good movies which deserve a post about them. But today, I saw a brilliant movie which has triggered by enthu very much to write a post. It is Small Time Crooks by Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is known for his one-liners. The entire movie is based on one-liners. You have to follow the dialogues to deeply enjoy the movie. The movie may look absolutely ridiculous to absolutely brilliant depends on how much you follow the dialogues or how much you love wit. Of course, this is the first Woody Allen's movie I had watched, but these are facts about Woody Allen.

This movie also follow the same principle. Don't take anything serious and just be ready to laugh and then watch this movie. This movie starts with a loser with less brain and his two more friends who are more stupid planning to rob a bank. What happens between a husband and his wife after they get enormously rich is the theme. They story is not so great, but the screenplay and dialogues were extremely hilarious.

Woody Allen's character with his innocent face and meager brain planning to do a master plan to rob a bank is hilarious. His wife Franchy (Tracey Ullman) making fun of his stupidity throughout the movie with witty and timely dialogues is awesome. What can I say more? Just watch the movie if you get a chance and have a big laughing time!

If you are already a Woody Allen's fan, feel free to suggest your most favourite movies in the comments section. Also, click here to see a sample of the dialogues in the movie. Have fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Wall-E' Vs 'Bolt' Vs 'Kung-Fu Panda'

I love animated movies. Whether they are for action or comedy or sentiment, if it an animation movie, I would see it many times. Recently, I had seem three very beautiful animation movies. Yes, the three Oscar nominated movies: Wall-E, Bolt, and Kung-Fu Panda.

First let me start with Wall-E. This is yet another brilliant movie from Pixar Animation Studio. I have an equation that 'if it is a movie from Pixar, it would be brilliant and excellent'. Wall-E was no exception to this. The animation was excellent. The core of the movie is 'love at first sight' and 'go green'. The story is very much complicated and for about 30% movie, it would be disturbing to see huge mountains of rusty, dusty, waste materials.

But Wall-E has a lot of loopholes in the plot. Of course, animated movies can defy logic, but it offended my intellect to see an always-flying-robot with parts that are not screwed to each other, and a space craft travelling beyond galaxies in very very less time, etc. But the romantic part of the movie was awesome. The way Wall-E says "Eve" and the way Eve says "Wall-E", was so romantic. Also, this movie lagged to drive me into watching it many times. So, I would say, this is the least favourite among these most beautiful movies.

Next movie I want to discuss is *Bolt*. The story is less complicated than Wall-E with more comedy and strong sentiments. The first 15 minutes of the movie would be awesome, like watching Matrix as an animated movie. The Rhino character of the movie is the driving factor that could easily make you watch the move (at least some part of it) over and over again.

Though the climax was too good, it seemed as though it was deliberately injected, that Bolt uses all of his imaginary super powers to save the climax. Though it was too much predictable and somewhat sucks when you watch it for 3+ times, the sentiment and the music would keep you going. For me, Bolt worked out better than Wall-E for its comedy and sentimental aspect.

Finally, it is the 'Kung-Fu Panda'. The story is very straight forward and very simple. A big fat panda has to defeat one of the greatest kung-fu champion. How he learns and manages to defeat is the movie. Though the story is simple, the animation is AWESOME!. If you are even remotely a fan of action movies, this would easily be your most favourite movie. The action sequences when Tai Lang escapes from the prison, when Furious-Five fight Tai Lang, when Shifu fights Tai Lang, and the climax fight with Po, are are simply awesome. You could watch any number of times, the escape from the prison action sequence.

I love stunning action sequences and 'Kung-Fu Panda' gave the best. So, I would rate Kung-Fu Panda as my most favourite among these three movies. The only thing that annoyed me was how the hero realizes the meaning of the Dragon Scroll. His father's explanation was clumsy. The hero asks some question and his father suddenly answers something completely different answer and makes the hero realize things. The dialogues should have been more pleasing there, as it is one of the most important things in the movie.

All these three movies are sweet, brilliant and lovely. Watch them and let me know your order. My order is: Wall-E <= Bolt <= Kung-Fu Panda. What is yours? Click here to see my favourite dialog in Bolt.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mission: Michelle Pfeiffer

It has been long since I have written about a movie. It does not mean that I haven't seen movies nor does it mean I haven't loved any movie in this time spam. In fact, I have seen some good number of movies. But this blog is not about any one of the movie I had seen. This is about my new mission which I have named: Mission - Michelle Pfeiffer.

It all started on One Fine Day. I am not only meaning that literally :). I have become a fan of one of the greatest actresses ever, IMHO, Michelle Pfeiffer. I am not sure how many of you even heard of her name or how many of you at least know that such an actress exist. But, she is great, beautiful, charming, fabulous, fantabulous, etc. and quite talented.

'One Fine Day' is the first Michelle Pfeiffer (and George Clooney) movie I saw. I liked it soooo much that I had seen several times and became fan of her (and George Clooney). Then because of my close friend's suggestion I saw *I am Sam*, one of the most sentimental movies. Surprisingly, MP was the leading actress in that movie. Then *I could never be your woman*. I liked all the movies and her acting in all these movies was excellent.

Then, I decided that I have to watch all her movies. I have to admit that, I like Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Meg Ryan, Marisa Tomie, Ratchel McAdams, Amy Adams, etc. But I didn't get the idea of covering all the movies of a particular actress. I don't know why I came up with a mission only for MP (MP is NOT a sex bomb:)... FYI for those who might have thought of this possibility).

I now have almost all of her movies except some 5 movies, which I am planning to buy as DVD. I am watching one by one of her movies. Till now I have covered in the order from 'I could never be your woman': The Fabulous Baker Boys, Into The Night, The Story of Us, The Deep End Of Ocean, Grease 2, Frankie and Johnny, White Oleander, and Dangerous Minds. Among these, I am Sam, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Story of Us, The Deep End Of Ocean, White Oleander, and Dangerous Minds deserves a blog about them (and they are in the making :)).

Some interesting facts: MP always look ten years younger than her actual age. In *I Could Never Be Your Woman*, she acts as a 40 year old woman when she was in real 50 years old. In *I Could Never Be Your Woman*, *Into The Night*, and *Frankie and Johnny* she explicitly says 'I am not as young as I look'. In *One Fine Day*, and *White Oleander* other characters say 'She is the most beautiful woman'. In *Frankie and Johnny* and *Dangerous Minds* MP's character was beaten by her boy friend\husband when she was pregnant and had to abort the child.

That is all I will say now. I will update you guys once I finish all her movies. If you get a chance, watch the movies I have referred. Good Luck!

[PS: When I told about this mission to my father and my sister and to one of my friends, they said sarcastically "Wow... what a noble mission?" :). I believe that is what you guys also think :P.]

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton - A Winner?

If you have been following this blog, by this time you could have understood that I love Romantic-Comedy movies. Even an okay movie would seem very good for me if the genre is romantic-comedy. In that line, *Win a Date with Tad Hamilton* is the movie I had enjoyed recently.

(Kate Bosworth) is from a small town working in a super market. The branch manager, Pete is a good friend of Rosalee for about 22 years. He has been in love with her all the time. Though he deserves to work in a bigger branch, he does not leave only for her.

Rosalee is a great fan of a famous hero Tad Hamilton. She wins a lucky draw contest called *Win a Date With Tad Hamilton*. During the date, Tad falls heavily for Rosalee's beauty. After the date, Rosalee comes back to her town. Surprisingly, Tad also comes to the town to spend time with her.

Pete does his best to make her realize the nature of heroes in Hollywo
od. But Tad, with his natural charm, easily controls Rosalee. When Tad has to return to LA, he asks Rosalee also to go with him. Rosalee, with some hesitation accepts his invite. But one thing is sure... if she goes to LA, she is gone forever and Pete could never get her back.

What will happen to these three people is the climax. I have to admit that, it is not the greatest movie you are going to watch, but it would surely be a good, decent romantic comedy movie. Click here to watch the trailer and here to know my favourite dialogue (which made me write this post). Watch the movie and share your comments.