Friday, May 4, 2007

Meet the {Parents & Fockers} - Only if you are an adult!

*Meet The Parents* is a movie about a love couple who wants to get the permission of the parents before wedding. First they go to meet the bride's parents. Her father (Robert De Niro) does not like groom (Ben Stiller) the moment he sees him. Robert De Niro is a retired CIA officer who has hidden camera's and mic's everywhere in the house to closely monitor the groom. This is how the movie goes. Ben Stiller finds it really hard to get good name from RobertDeNiro and in point, he is rejected by RobertDeNiro for his terrible lies. But since his daughter still loves BenStiller, he accepts him, but with one condition: All of them has to meet the parents of BenStiller to learn about his family and their culture.

*Meet the Fockers* is the sequel of *Meet the parents* in which BenStiller again struggles to comfort RobertDeNiro in his own house. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand have acted as Ben Stiller's parents. Ben Stiller undergoes very much embarrassing situations in both the movies. Almost all the comedies are crude and sexually oriented. *Meet the Parents* have better sentiments and impacts than *Meet the Fockers*. Overall, both the movies are Okay-Movies. Click here and then here to watch the trailer of these movies. Watch the films and share your comments here.

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Baskar said...

Good Start. Easy to grasp the story the way u explain.
Better paste the poster of the movie while writing the review.