Friday, September 28, 2007

You've Got Mail - My most favourite movie of all time.

*You've Got Mail* is a movie about sentiments and emotions. The story is very simple: A man and a woman who are rivals in business and are enemy are actually lovers over the internet without knowing the real identity and how they get together is the movie. This is the second movie in which Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan-Nora Ephron joins to give a romantic comedy movie. It is Nora Ephron's style to take a very simple story and make the movie a good one with the help of screenplay and brilliant acting.

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) are friends over the internet by the name NY152 and ShopGirl respectively and they almost fall in love with each other due to their natural charm. But Joe Fox puts Kathleen Kelly out of her book business with his multi story book shop with stunning discounts, without knowing that she is his friend ShopGirl. Kathleen asks business advices to Joe over the internet without saying any specifics.

But whatever she does, she is not able to recover and she tends to close the shop. She wants to meet NY152 to get consoled and NY152 eagerly agrees to meet his ShopGirl. When he goes to the spot he comes to know that ShopGirl in Kathleen. He understands that if he reveals his identity then itself, she will surely ditch him to have put her out of business, and he could never get any chance to make her love him. So, he does not reveal his identity to her then and leaves the spot.

So then onwards Joe meets Kathleen as Joe itself and try to get a place in her heart. How he does that? How he makes her to forgive him? How he develops friendship with her as Joe also. How he makes her to love him, as Joe, instead of NY152? And how Kathleen reacts when she comes to know that Joe is NY152? Is the rest of the movie.

The music in the movie is excellent and it has about ten background songs, all being excellent. The climax song in which Kathleen comes to know about Joe, is a masterpiece. I could not help, I always get goose flesh in the climax because of the song and Meg Ryan's acting. By always, I mean all the 35+ times I have seen this movie. This is a movie which worth watching many times. Click here to watch a small trailer and here to see the last dialogue of the movie.

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Anu Sankar ,Denver ,Colorado said...

Hey Amudhan,
So here you are atlast with the review of your most fav movie...
Hmmm 35+ times thats really surprising ..Anyways even I m eager to watch the movie...
Keep watching more movies ,and thereby writing more reviews in your blog