Monday, October 20, 2008

One Fine Day - You will watch this movie!

One fine day is a movie which is driven completely by the chemistry between George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is a movie with a single line story but with a strong storyline as to keep everyone with a pleasant mood till the end. Also, this is a very different movie as the whole movie takes place in One Fine Day, within a spam of 24 hours. Other movies which I know of which take place in a short spam are Cellular, PhoneBooth and 16th Block, all being action and thrilling movies.

Jack Taylor is a reporter who isn't used to do everything on his own and Melanie Parker is an architect who does everything on her own, happen to meet one fine day. Because of the habit of Jack, both Jack's daughter Maggie and Melanie's son Sammy miss their field trip. The first impression being so bad and with her previous experiences, Melanie snubs and insults Jack. AS though this is not enough, Sammy and Maggie has certain amount of dislike for each other.

Having set such a relationship, situations make them to meet very often and forces them to help each other. Jack, falls for Melanie on the first sight though irrespective of her attitude towards him, but Melanie keeps the attitude and holds a sting in my tongue whenever she talks to him. Out of a desparate situation, she asks for help to Jack, which he does perfectly.

Melanie also starts to like him later seeing him caring his daughter so much and being funny and charming. Thank God again to those situations which perfectly give both of them chances to express themselves and the movie ends with a cute romantic and egoistic fight between the beautiful couples.

This is definitely a feel good, pleasant movie which will easily suite those who love romantic comedy genre, at least it suited me very much and I have already seen this more than five times. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see one of favourite dialogues.


Sathyan said...

You are making me to watch this movie too :)

amudhan said...

Anna, you will really feel happy to have seen this movie after you watch that. I guarantee!

Sathyan said...

I really enjoyed the movie ...