Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Walk To Remember - A Touching Walk!

I will make sure that I don't spoil your enjoyment(?) of watching this movie by this post. A Walk To Remember is a romantic drama movie which will surely let you think about the movie for some time after it is over. A movie about true and pure love without involving forced humor, but involving more essence of love, will describe this movie better.

This is (not yet another) movie about the love between two completely different characters who have known each other for years. Jamie is an easy target for bullies because of the decent dress she wears and Landon is a typical high school kid who does not care about others. Though they have known for a long time, they are not friends, until, Landon is forced to spend some time with her for some time.

Within the very little time, Landon falls for Jamie despite her warning. What will it feel like if there are two perfect lovers who have found each other, the real other, after so long of an acquaintance. To what extend the real love will go? What and all will you do for your love of your life? How will you feel if love is showered from the screen?

I can't tell much without spoiling the movie, so I don't want to continue this post. Pros: Love, Acting, Intense Chemistry. Cons: First fifteen minutes loosely linked to the movie. This movie is definitely worth watching it. If you get a chance, don't miss it. Click here to read my favorite quote in the movie

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