Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cellular - Non Stop Thrill!

Cellular is a movie, which starts at one point does not stop until the movie ends. The whole movie is about a guy's 5-6 hours of life. How much a missed call can mess your life, is the story. The story turns out to be simple: A guy, Ryan (Chris Evans) , gets an anonymous call and the caller, Jessica (Kim Basinger) says that she was kidnapped and that she will die if he does not give his cell phone to the police.

The interesting part is that, the phone from which she makes the call is shattered and there is no guarantee that she will get a valid line one more time. Not believing her for some time Ryan makes sarcastic remarks on her but soon comes to know of the real danger. Not knowing what he is going to face he willingly starts to help her.

The situations turn out to make him a robber and a criminal. How he fights to make way for his pursue of saving an unknown family becomes the rest of the story. Despite the simple story, the screenplay is extremely well manipulated (of course there are some logical mistakes which we should not care. For example, Ryan steals a security guard's car but does not face any problem or chase from the cops) that it will keep us in the verge of our seats.

I particularly like this kind of movie that has so rapid storyline development. This is a movie which is worth watching at least once. Click here to watch the trailer and here to see one of my favorite dialogues in this movie. Watch the movie and let me know your comments.

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