Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Wall-E' Vs 'Bolt' Vs 'Kung-Fu Panda'

I love animated movies. Whether they are for action or comedy or sentiment, if it an animation movie, I would see it many times. Recently, I had seem three very beautiful animation movies. Yes, the three Oscar nominated movies: Wall-E, Bolt, and Kung-Fu Panda.

First let me start with Wall-E. This is yet another brilliant movie from Pixar Animation Studio. I have an equation that 'if it is a movie from Pixar, it would be brilliant and excellent'. Wall-E was no exception to this. The animation was excellent. The core of the movie is 'love at first sight' and 'go green'. The story is very much complicated and for about 30% movie, it would be disturbing to see huge mountains of rusty, dusty, waste materials.

But Wall-E has a lot of loopholes in the plot. Of course, animated movies can defy logic, but it offended my intellect to see an always-flying-robot with parts that are not screwed to each other, and a space craft travelling beyond galaxies in very very less time, etc. But the romantic part of the movie was awesome. The way Wall-E says "Eve" and the way Eve says "Wall-E", was so romantic. Also, this movie lagged to drive me into watching it many times. So, I would say, this is the least favourite among these most beautiful movies.

Next movie I want to discuss is *Bolt*. The story is less complicated than Wall-E with more comedy and strong sentiments. The first 15 minutes of the movie would be awesome, like watching Matrix as an animated movie. The Rhino character of the movie is the driving factor that could easily make you watch the move (at least some part of it) over and over again.

Though the climax was too good, it seemed as though it was deliberately injected, that Bolt uses all of his imaginary super powers to save the climax. Though it was too much predictable and somewhat sucks when you watch it for 3+ times, the sentiment and the music would keep you going. For me, Bolt worked out better than Wall-E for its comedy and sentimental aspect.

Finally, it is the 'Kung-Fu Panda'. The story is very straight forward and very simple. A big fat panda has to defeat one of the greatest kung-fu champion. How he learns and manages to defeat is the movie. Though the story is simple, the animation is AWESOME!. If you are even remotely a fan of action movies, this would easily be your most favourite movie. The action sequences when Tai Lang escapes from the prison, when Furious-Five fight Tai Lang, when Shifu fights Tai Lang, and the climax fight with Po, are are simply awesome. You could watch any number of times, the escape from the prison action sequence.

I love stunning action sequences and 'Kung-Fu Panda' gave the best. So, I would rate Kung-Fu Panda as my most favourite among these three movies. The only thing that annoyed me was how the hero realizes the meaning of the Dragon Scroll. His father's explanation was clumsy. The hero asks some question and his father suddenly answers something completely different answer and makes the hero realize things. The dialogues should have been more pleasing there, as it is one of the most important things in the movie.

All these three movies are sweet, brilliant and lovely. Watch them and let me know your order. My order is: Wall-E <= Bolt <= Kung-Fu Panda. What is yours? Click here to see my favourite dialog in Bolt.


Better Fiction said...

I agree with you on your rating of the films and find "Kung Fu Panda" to be the most underrated animated film of 2008. However, I disagree about the "clumsiness" of the revelation of the meaning behind the scroll.

At that moment in the film, Po has given up and gone home, but the conflict between the life a noodle maker and his destiny as a warrior is too great. He admits to his noodle-loving dad, "Sometimes, I can't believe I'm your son."

This is a HUGE set up, considering that we've all been wondering how a goose could have a panda for a son. When the goose says that there's something he should have told Po a long time a go, we all expect the same answer: "You were adopted."

That's NOT where the movie goes, though.

The "Secret Ingredient Soup" has come up several times throughout the movie, and the joke here is that this is the big revelation: the Secret Ingredient.

The revelation of that ingredient helps Po solve the puzzle of the Dragon Warrior Scroll.

It is a actually a funny and powerful moment. The actual meaning, though, is a bit trite and standard Hollywood dogma. Still, I can't help but forgive the film for this as it charms and thrills and every other level.

Wade Ogletree

amudhan said...

@ Better Fiction:
Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. Yes, as you said, I was also expecting the answer 'You were adopted' :).
But the whole stunning, awesome movie could easily let us forget about how he solves the trite Dragon Scroll Mystery. Kung-fu Panda rocks!!!

Prabakar said...

I was cracked during Shifu's training for Po. For me, it was the most mesmerizing part of the movie. It's not just a fight. It brings a moment, for which you and I will die to reach.

Prabakar said...

I think you express better when you are in love. The sentence "All these three movies are sweet, brilliant and lovely" captivated me and shined like the crown of the whole of your blog.

amudhan said...

@Prabakar %1:
Yes, I love that sequence so much that I keep watching it every now and then. I would have watched that training sequence at least 50 times, at the least.
Hehe... thank you! I don't know what to say :)