Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Time Crooks - Big Time Comedy!!!

It has been a long time since I have talked about any movies in this blog. I am sorry about that. It does not mean that I haven't seen any good movie in the meantime. As a matter of fact, I had watched a lot of good movies which deserve a post about them. But today, I saw a brilliant movie which has triggered by enthu very much to write a post. It is Small Time Crooks by Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is known for his one-liners. The entire movie is based on one-liners. You have to follow the dialogues to deeply enjoy the movie. The movie may look absolutely ridiculous to absolutely brilliant depends on how much you follow the dialogues or how much you love wit. Of course, this is the first Woody Allen's movie I had watched, but these are facts about Woody Allen.

This movie also follow the same principle. Don't take anything serious and just be ready to laugh and then watch this movie. This movie starts with a loser with less brain and his two more friends who are more stupid planning to rob a bank. What happens between a husband and his wife after they get enormously rich is the theme. They story is not so great, but the screenplay and dialogues were extremely hilarious.

Woody Allen's character with his innocent face and meager brain planning to do a master plan to rob a bank is hilarious. His wife Franchy (Tracey Ullman) making fun of his stupidity throughout the movie with witty and timely dialogues is awesome. What can I say more? Just watch the movie if you get a chance and have a big laughing time!

If you are already a Woody Allen's fan, feel free to suggest your most favourite movies in the comments section. Also, click here to see a sample of the dialogues in the movie. Have fun!


Sinduja said...

Hey..long time!! Yeah, small time crooks is an absolute treat... just the kind of movie to watch alone with a bowl of popcorn on a saturday night. I havent seen many of his movies too but if you want more movies of this genre and you really enjoy them, you should watch dodgeball and white chicks... i think you will absolutely enjoy them!!

Jency said...

Try to watch "Mighty Aphrodite"...

amudhan said...

@Sinduja: I had watched White Chicks. It is also an extremely hilarious movie. I have added DodgeBall to my wish list. Will watch it and will try to let you know through another post.

@Jency: I have the movie with me. It is also in my Woody-Allen-Wish-List. I will watch it and let you know!

Gunasekaran said...

White chicks is different genre.It is hilarious but kind of mistaken identity.But Smalltime crooks is pure comedy with some message thrown in.By the way in most of Woody Allen's films eventhough husbands and wives* engage in dog fights they love each other in their innermost hearts.
*Another Woody Allen's title.