Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mariyan - 2.5 hours of brilliant acting and 1 hour of horrible editing

I should have loved this movie and recommended this movie to everyone... instead I am hesitating to even say I liked this movie and will  hesitate more to recommend this movie to my friends... all because of the poor pathetic editing in the second half of the movie. In the mission to show that all the actors are acting an award worthy performance, they lost track of the mission of the movie.

[This post contains some minor spoilers, nothing that you would not know by this time.] The problem with this movie is, the core of the movie varies with the many things it tried to tell. The core of the movie is the hero gets his strength to survive and escape from nearly impossible situation because of the love. But it drags waaaay toooooo muchhhhh to prove that.

During the 'supposed to be' most sensitive tragic painful scenes, people were laughing and making fun simply because they didn't care anymore. The second half is painfully lengthy and the bad guys didn't make any sense or impact in the movie. And simply taking an hour to establish that they are not fed was simply tooo muchhhhh. The villains saying they need money and they are poor didn't make any sense at all especially when they own soo much weapons. And The-Dark-Knight kinda pit to secure the hostages?!

But apart from the above said problems, the movie was brilliant. The acting was excellent. Parvathi deserves a special mention. Absolutely brilliant acting from everyone. The bold lip lock scene was actually very romantic. It is hard to see an actual romantic scene, when every other attempts in other movies were just to be vulgar in the current cinema.

If you want to take a leap of faith and try this movie, you will be partly disappointed and partly happy. Just try this movie, is what I can say.

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