Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Cousin Vinny - Oscar Winner!

*My Cousin Vinny* is movie about two innocent boys, Ben and Stan, who get charged with first-degree-murder wrongfully. Since they could not afford an attorney, they seek help from their family and get to know that Ben's cousin, Vinny (Joe Pesci), is an attorney. Soon they come to know that Vinny has studied in the law school for six additional years as he failed; a lot of studying:). The state law demands that, the attorney who represent the defendant should be experienced. Vinny lies to the Judge that he has been practising law for sixteen years. The judge anyhow suspects that Vinny is lying as Vinny behaves in a very un-professional way.

As the case starts and goes by, Vinny does a lot of stupid things that make the case very weak for them. The DA (District Attorney) has three eye-witnesses who could positively identify that Ben and Stan has entered\left the murder spot. Vinny does not cross-examine the witnesses in the preliminary hearing and thus the case goes for the trial. But when he is encouraged and helped by his fiancee, Liza (Marisa Tomei, who won Oscar for this movie), he goes to all the witnesses and inquires them. In the first day of the trial, when he starts to cross-examine the witnesses, he proves that all the witnesses have mistaken and\or lied. This puts the case in favor of Vinny. In the meanwhile, the judge almost discovers that Vinny has lied about this experience and that he is in-eligible for the case.

The next day, the DA, presents a surprise witness, who is an expert in tire marks, testifies that the tyre material of the defendant's car and the car that left the murder spot are the same; thus making the case very strong against Vinny. In a very critical time, Vinny discovers a breaking clue that could win the case immediately. He wins the case, at last, with the help of his fiancee as a witness, as she is an expert in automobiles and interprets that there is no chance for the defendant's car to have made the tyre marks. Thus we get a very happy and emotional climax.

Though the core of the movie is very serious, throughout the movie, Vinny does a lot of funny things that are guaranteed to make you laugh, especially the menu card joke. How he handles the judge is also very funny. This is one of a very good hilarious movies, which definitely worth watching. Click here to watch the trailer of this movie and here to see one of my favorite dialogues. Watch this movie and share your comments.

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