Saturday, June 23, 2007

Legally Blonde - Morally Blonde.

Legally Blonde is a movie about a brilliant blonde [blonde: A girl with blonde hairs, who in generally considered to be brainless but beautiful] who is rejected by her boyfriend just because he thinks that she is not smart enough to marry him. After having all affairs, he just says that his family wants him to be a lawyer and that he will marry only a lawyer. The blonde Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), is a fashion designer. Desperate to do anything to make her love success, she decides to join the law school. She tries hard to get an admission in law school and gets it.

Elle goes to law school to find her boyfriend engaged to another law student. She does not lose hope and still tries to get her love back; but in vain. She is despised by her boy friend again and again and is terribly insulted. She decides to proove that she is intelligent. Elle works very hard and is hired by a famous professor to be an assitant in a defense case of a murder trial in which her boy friend and his new girl friend are also selected. The accused in that case turns out to be Elles' friend, who is innocent.

When working close with Elle, the new girlfriend of her boyfriend understands Elle and becomes her friend. Elle also finds vital clues for the case to make that case from the worst condition to a bad condition. But before makeing the bad condition to a good condition, she is being hit on by her professor. She could not bear that and decides to quit when her friend also talks bad of her just listening to what the professor proposed. Suddenly everything becomes dark and that she becomes a complete loser as she had lost the professor's help.

How she overcomes this situation and becomes a legal(ly) blonde is the rest of the movie. This is an okay-movie with comedy in its core. All the characters do over-action but in an enjoyable limit. Watch this movie if you happened to watch it and I could not say that this is a must watch movie. You could always share your comments if you had already wathced this movie. Click here.

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