Thursday, May 3, 2007

Primal Fear - Slow and Steady wins the case

This is a movie about an innocent 19 year old boy, Erin (Edward Norton), who has been arrested, for killing the priest who brought him up, in a very gory way. He is found running out of the murder spot with blood stains all over his body. When the entire nation thinks that Erin has done that, one attorney, Morty (Richard Gere), think that he is innocent and takes that case to defend him for free. As the movie goes, Morty finds that Erin is sufferring from Multiple Personality Disorder and that his other character, Roy, who is very viloent has killed the priest and Roy admits that he has done that to Morty (Anniyan has taken some part from this movie I hope so). Morty finds it hard to proove this to court and finally after much struggle wins that case. When everything is okay and when the movie is about to end, Morty goes to Erin and says this good news; then something happens in that movie, which is extremely good.

I was occupied by this movie and I could not come out of the movie for some hours. Edward Norton was nominated for Oscar for this movie for his excellent acting. This movie has a slow start and moves slowly till one hour and then it speeds up. A good movie which worth watching. See the movie fully and let me know your comments.

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