Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Bicycle Thief - will steal anyone's heart!

The story of *The Bicycle Thief* is very very simple. How far a man will go in a desperate situation and how far the poverty and unemployment will change any honest man. This story takes place in Italy after World War II, when Italy is struck with poverty and unemployment. Antonio, a poor man who hardly had any luck in his life has got an appointment for a job and for the job, he has to have a bicycle. Without bicycle, he will not get the job. Having no cycle with him, he sells all his left-out things in his house to buy a second-hand bicycle.

He goes to his job for the first day. The tragedy strikes him with a brutal blow; his bicycle is stolen on the first day. He has nothing left with him. So, he and his son go out in search of their bicycle. Searching every single bicycle they see. Wandering like a cloud which does not know where it should go. This is the most of the movie. As the time flies by, the desperation increases. He has to get the cycle before the end of the day. At one point of time, Antonio loses the hope and he asks his accompanying son to go to the house, so that he could steal a cycle that is standing outside a house.

His son not able to get on the running bus is left behind him where he sees his father stealing a cycle and is being chased by a lot of people. He witnesses his father being caught and being hit and scolded. The owner of the cycle sees this, Antonio's son crying there, decides to leave Antonio saying *This man has got enough of his problems*. Antonio and his son leaves this spot: Antonio bearing tons of embarrassment and pain in heart; his son with tons of fear and worry in his face. Antonio breaks into tears. His son giving his hand to his father and leans on him to console him. As the father and son leave the spot, hand-in-hand, the film ends.

Though I like to feel all kind of emotions through films, this one let me feel the poverty, unemployment, desperation, worry, tragedy and most of all the embarrassment in front of the child. In the climax where Antonio breaks into tears is still in my eyes. This is a 1948 movie, which is considered to be one of the best movies ever, is definitely worth watching at least once; a sentimental, touching movie. Watch this movie and share your comments.

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