Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The River Wild - Wildest River

The River Wild is a movie about a family, which gets acquainted to criminals accidentally and how they escape from them. Gail (Meryl Streep), the loving mother, plans for an excursion for her son's birthday, where as Tom (David Strathairn), her husband, does not wish to come as he has some work to be done. He is workaholic and does not have a healthy relationship her. The excursion is nothing but rafting in a river enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Gail is a very much experienced rafter from her age of 18.

When the trip is about to start, Tom gives a surprise by joining the trip. Before the trip starts, their son meets a friendly guy, Wade (Kevin Bacon), who is also going to raft in that river. Wade comes to know that Gail is a very much experienced rafter by the son. Wade becomes the child's friend immediately and offers his cap and thus becoming a good acquaintance to Gail. Tom does not like Wade and his partner Terry at the first sight, though.

Wade and Terry just follow them and always want to be with them and Tom develops a suspicion about this. He warns Gail about this but she does not care. As the time goes, Gail also develops a suspicion and she comes to know about them when Wade sneakingly seeing her taking bath. At that point they want to get rid of them but Wade gets hold of their son and manages to spoil their idea. Wade demands Gail under the gun to help him to get passed the river. Gail realizes that Wade has become a friend, having the idea of using her to get passed the river and that they are the criminal who robbed a bank and are trying to escape to other country through this river and that they are even ready to kill Tom if he stops her helping them.

How they escape from them is the rest of the movie. This movie is full of beautiful sceneries showing woods and the river, the wild river. Rafting in the wild river is very much thrilling even when to watch it. Click here to watch the trailer, and you will know about this movie. This is an okay-movie, which is passive in the first half and thrilling in the second half, and is worth watching at least once. Watch this film and share your comments (Star Movies is hosting this movie this month and you could get a chance to see this, this month).

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