Sunday, June 10, 2007

Irma La Douce - That is another story!

Irma La Douce is a movie about a honest, decent and an innocent policeman who falls in love with a streetwalker. Nector the police (Jack Lemmon), who first comes to that street full of streetwalkers, inquires Irma La Douce (Shirley MacLaine), about this area. Later when he rides the notorious hotel he has to arrest Irma also. During their acquaintance, he develops some attraction towards her. Later when he defeats the guy who guards(by beating) her she starts to like him.

Irma and Nector starts to live together; but Irma considers that to be a profession. She works for him to make him rich. Nector doesn't like this and he does not want her to make love with anyone. Then he develops an idea that he himself will go to her as a rich Englishman, Lord X, (the story happens in France and that is why it gets the name, which means Irma the sweet) and just play cards with her and give her 500 Francs; so that she does not involve in business any more. The happy Irma and the other friends start to spend the money.

To compensate the money they spend, Nector works in the night very hard and thus sleeps in the morning without showing any interest in her. She develops a suspicion that he goes to some other girls in the night and thus he has lost the interest in her. Irma, seeing Lord X to be so pathetic and genuine and Nector to be negligent and sneaky, starts to develop sympathy towards him (The Lord X version of Nector) and slowly starts to love him. This breaks Nector-Irma relationship to be broken and Irma wants to go with Lord X to England.

Not able to manager her and the situation, Nector destroys Lord X (himself) and the situation turns up that Nector has murdered Lord X. He confesses that he has killed Lord X and declares, he did that as he loves Irma so much that he could not let her go with anyone. Irma understands his love; but not the policemen. How he outwits the police and gets out of that murder is *another story* (you will understand the meaning of *another story* when you watch the film:)) This is a 1963 full-length comedy movie which is definitely worth watching. Watch this movie and share your comments.

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