Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Rainmaker - John Grisham's most favourite.

This movie is based on the novel *The Rainmaker* by John Grisham. The story is about an young man, Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon), who has just completed his degree, and gets a job in a firm. He is associated with a short guy, Deck (Danny DeVito) who has not completed his degrees, but who is very much experienced in getting small cases like accident cases. Rudy already has some cases in his hand: A case of claiming insurance, from GreatBeneift Insurance company, for a patient, Donny Ray, suffering from leukemia, who desperately needs the insurance money to undergo a costly operation to survive. This case is the main story line.

Rudy encounters intimidating, experienced lawyers who are paid $1000 per hour by GreatBenefit for the insurance claim case. He is literally humiliated by those lawyers as he is very much in-experienced. As the case goes, Rudy becomes Donny's friend. Donny asks Rudy to take care of his family after his demise with the money he is going to get by winning the case. Later, in the middle of the case, Donny dies of cancer. Rudy wants to take revenge on GreatBeneift and fights his level best; gets some vital clues and help from his associate, Deck and manages to win the case.

In the meanwhile, Rudy meets Kelly (Claire Danes), who is admitted in a hospital, as she got hit by her husband, with a baseball bat. He learns that she is often admitted in the hospital in a very critical condition. He develops sympathy on her and talks to her and becomes her friend and later he starts to love her. Since Kelly has no one to care about her, she is destined to live with her husband who often hits her when he is intoxicated. Kelly also starts to love Rudy but is afraid that her husband would kill her and Rudy also. Rudy gets into a situation in which he has to kill Kelly's husband. But Kelly gets the murder weapon and asks him to leave so that she gets convicted, to save him. But she gets released as the murder is considered to be for self-defense.

This is a movie with tragedy, sentiment, friendship and love in the core. Click here to watch the trailer of this movie. Though this movie goes very slowly, we will get occupied by the movie for a while. This is definitely a movie which worth watching. Watch this film and let me know your comments.

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