Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spider Man 3 - A piece of cake for critics

Spider Man 3 also has a great impact as the previous two parts; but now, there are a lot of criticism for this movie. The main reason is that, this movie is the longest movie in the sequel having a lot of sentiments and emotions and ofcourse a lot of actions. If you are ready to spare some sentiments of Spider Man, you will definitely enjoy this movie. The stunts are really amazing, astonishing and superb. Spider Man faces four villans in this movie including himself. All the action sequence are as usual excellent.

Fried or Foe: Parker's friend Harry becomes his enemy as he thinks Spider Man has killed his father and so tries to kill him. The real murderer of Parker's uncle becomes (an, almost, immortal) Sandman and Parker tries to kill him. When Spider Man is occupied by alien entity, he gains a good amount of enemity from his colleague\competitor who then becomes Venom, who is trying to kill Spider Man. Spider Man when in the alien's hold, behaves badly and loses his lover MJ.

How he handles all these, is the movie. It is little hard to accpet the Sandman's power (and how he gets his dress back after reforming from sand :-) ), why Venom's tooth are like fangs, how spider man could first take back the black dress easily earlier and then strugglles to remove it later, etc. But, this is a sci-fi movie which means, *Devoid of Logics*. If we could accept that a bite of a spider could make a man the SpiderMan and find it hard to believe the above mentioned things, then this SM3 will not be enjoyable.

When you enter the theatre (or playing the DVD), say this to yourself: *I am watching this movie to enjoy the superb animation and stunts sequence. I will accept the sentiments of Spider Man. I will not look out for logics.*. This will make this movie an excellent movie. Despite all the flaws, this movie is defnitely worth watching at least once in a big screen. Watch this movie and spare your comments!

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